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Finding a good building contractor that you can truly trust and feel comfortable with may seem a little harder than it seems but it needn’t be providing you follow a few simple guidelines.

Where Do I find A Good Building Contractor?

Without doubt, your first call of action is to try and source a building contractor by word of mouth recommendation. This in itself is worth it’s weight in gold. Try to think of any friends or family who’ve recently had work done which is similar to the kind of work that you want doing for yourself. You can get some feedback from them and ask whether their contractor is any good and possibly suitable for your particular job.

Try to go and see the work they’ve done so you can also judge for yourself.

You can however safeguard yourself slightly by asking to see previous work or insisting on references to be supplied so that they may be checked. Some tradesmen may be put off by this as they see it as ‘too much hassle’ just to get a job but at the end of the day, if they have a good track record, they should be more than welcome to supply past customer references.

Also use your basic instincts about the tradesmen you are considering to come and work in your home. I for one have always found a lot of truth in the phrase ‘first impressions last’ as I believe it to be very apt in a majority of situations.

Once you find a tradesman you are happy with, agree your price and ask for it in writing, alongside an agenda of works and you may even ask your builder to sign a terms of works contract. Although many builders and customers don’t use these very often, I actually think they serve a great purpose in offering each party some form of legal protection should things be not going to plan and any disagreements are occurring.

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